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Your Success Is Our Success

Every relationship we form is one based upon long-term goals. We focus on bringing opportunities to your attention that match your search parameters and career aspirations. Even if we are not engaged on a search that fits when we first connect, we make a concentrated effort to inform you as soon as the right opportunity aligns. All members of Kingston O’Neill are held to the highest standards of confidentiality during and after our professional relationship.

We have identified some common traits we feel facilitate success in our process:

  • We partner with candidates who are willing to share information, thoughts, and evaluations. We believe that open disclosure early and often is the best policy.
  • We partner with individuals who are open to advice. We wish we could offer jobs on behalf of our clients to every candidate with whom we work, but that is not the reality. If we identify an area of potential growth, we like to share in the effort to add value to your search.
  • We require every interview be accompanied with a preparation and a debriefing conversation. We have found that those who see these as unnecessary exercises rarely make it to the offer table.

We have two different types of interviews at Kingston O’Neill, the proactive and active. The proactive interview is our initial time together involving a high level overview of your background, your search parameters, and your long-term goals. When a potential opportunity arises, we will conduct the active interview. This is a more thorough and in-depth conversation geared towards our client’s specific requirements. It is through the active interview that we develop the short list for our client.

Please note:

  • All candidates are required to provide professional references. These references will be contacted at the appropriate time in the process and never without your knowledge.
  • All candidates are subject to our client’s requirements of character-checking.

Rules We Live by:

  • We NEVER share your resume without your knowledge.
  • We are always open and honest.
  • We always make time for relevant referrals.