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It’s All in the Details We start at square one: understanding your organization. We have found that your search follows the best course when some time is invested initially for us to truly understand what makes your company tick.

We believe the fundamental experience a candidate brings to the table is only one element of a successful hire. Ultimately, you hire people that share the same values and connect with your organization.

Kingston O’Neill is an extension of your organization. Candidates interview with us extensively before we consider introducing them to you. For your peace of mind, we are happy to share profiles of everyone with whom we speak to about your opportunity. But, in the interest of your time, we only bring forth those we feel match the needs of the position and your company.

It is our goal to make this entire process smooth, seamless, and rewarding!

You will not have to worry about orchestrating any of the interviews and/or meetings. We pay special attention to making sure all of the details are covered and candidates feel well taken care of. After every interview, all of the candidates will be thoroughly debriefed and this information will be shared with you at the conclusion of each interview.

We will help you determine the best candidate for the job and strategize regarding offer delivery. We will facilitate negotiations where appropriate and partner with your new employee for a smooth transition period from their previous employer.

Once you have selected your new employee, we perform all necessary checks, including, but not limited to, professional references, criminal history, education verification, DMV record, FDA debarment, credit, etc.