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It is important to note that we are engaged by our clients to find the best talent for their strategic openings. We consider ourselves an extension of their organization, hence why our interview process is thorough and comprehensive.


We want to understand what is truly motivating you to look for a new opportunity and what the ideal next challenge is in your career. We believe companies make hiring decisions based on your demonstrated experience to perform the job successfully, but also, and often times more importantly, your fit with the corporate culture of the organization. Because of this, we want to get to know what is important to you and understand what you are looking for. We believe that instinctive fit, from both sides of the equation, is the glue that holds successful professional relationships together.


Here is what you can expect when working with Kingston O’Neill:

  • We will spend time upfront to understand your motivations, career goals, career progression, compensation expectations, timing, etc. Please keep the lines of communication open regarding your search and your timing.​

  • Preparation for interviews goes beyond telling you to dress professionally and arrive early. We want you to feel as confident and familiar as possible with those you are meeting with.

  • Communicating after every interview is helpful so we can share your thoughts with our client and start to gather their feedback.​

  • We partner with you during the offer stage in an effort to facilitate win-win situations for you and our client.

  • We help you prepare for resignation, knowing it can be an awkward conversation, and are a resource during your transition time from your former opportunity to your new one. 

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