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So Why Are You Looking?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Simple Interview Questions that can Stump!

Welcome to our Blog! We consistently are asked for career advice so we thought it made best sense to start recording this for others to benefit as well.

Questions that seem simple may not always be!

When preparing for an interview it is very normal to think through in advance the technical questions a company will ask you as it pertains to the content of your background and the job they are looking to hire for. But what about the more simple questions? Are you preparing for those? You would be shocked how often people stumble on this in an interview!

“What has you motivated to leave your current employer?"

Having well-thought out answers to some of the "simple" questions can absolutely make or break an interview. For instance, "why are you looking to leave your current employer?" This is not an open invitation to tell the person across the table all of the day-to-day issues that your current job is causing. That said, you still need to give a rational answer to their question and have genuine drive to make a job change. Something too vague may leave the interviewer wondering if there is more behind your motivation than they are seeing.

Our recommendation, as with all things in interview, is to keep everything "glass half full". You can be honest and describe an environment that is not working for you any longer, but make sure it is done in a way that does not sound doom and gloom or nit-picky. No company is "rainbows and unicorns 24/7" and it is important that a future employer knows you can roll with the punches, handle stress, etc. and not crumble at the first sign of a crack.

Believe it or not, this can be more challenging for people to do than it might sound! Once we reach the point where we are dedicated to ourselves to look for a new job, there is likely a lot of fuel behind that decision. Most people don't just start looking for a job because of one bad day, right? So assimilating your rationale into a nice little pretty package that does not leave the wrong impression, but still answers the question, is important to put fore-thought into.

The question, "Why are you interested in us?" can be another question to think through in advance. This is your opportunity to show you have done your homework. No one wants to hire someone that is looking for just any job as a bandage to their current situation. Take this opportunity to talk less about what is in it for YOU and why YOU are looking, and more about that value you see in this potential new organization aligning with your career goals and the intangibles of company culture!

Bottom Line--Be Prepared!

Don't just prepare for the technical questions. Companies evaluate candidates on so many levels and at the heart of it, they are trying to determine what kind of employee you will be. The best predictor of that often stems from how you make decisions and what drives you!

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