We can certainly tailor our search process to meet the needs of our clients, but have developed a methodology that has consistently delivered results.

  • Search Evaluation: We invest time to understand your needs and the dynamics of your company culture.

  • Recruitment Initiation: We source candidates through networking, social media, email campaigns, and good ole’ fashioned cold calling.


  • Kingston O’Neill Interviews: Our interviews are designed to understand a candidates motivation, goals, and career progression FIRST before we delve into the details of your opportunity and their potential alignment.


  • Introduction: You will receive an email regarding the details of the candidate's background, along with an attached copy of their resume and their logistics (salary requirements, timing, etc.).


  • Your Interview Process: We will orchestrate all interviews on your behalf. We debrief every candidate, share their feedback in a timely manner, and keep you looped in as the search process progresses.

  • Offer - We will consult with you to identify the best candidate for the job and facilitate the offer stage, negotiations, timing, etc.